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Our Savior
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Monday, January 24, 2011


Just wanted to share this very cool and exciting website. They are in the beginning stages of creating another way to purchase online such as paypal or Google merchant. Right now they are gathering opinions and comments from individuals to be able to give the general public exactly what they would like to see in an online payment service. When you join you automatically get $25 in your paybox account. Then when you refer someone and they sign up for a free account you are credited $10.

There are surveys you can take and get money credited for submitting them, these vary. They are easy and usually only take just a few minutes in which to complete. You can also vote on the "debit" card that Paybox is getting ready to implement. This debit card will allow each paybox user to use at any of their favorite merchants in their communities.

Try it - you have absolutely nothing to loose and so much to gain. Check it our at PayBox

Cheers to you!

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