Our Savior

Our Savior
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Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day

Today is such a special day for those who have loved ones in the military and for those who have lost loved ones. I have a son who is still in the Navy and I am so very proud and thank him today for his service to our country. I also lift up in prayer those families who have someone overseas right now serving away from their families. These are tough times and it's only by God's grace they can we get through it. I pray for the safety of those brave men and women to keep fighting the good fight of faith and the enemy and may God send his Angels to protect them each and every day. In the meantime watch this very cool video of my son doing an FA-18 demonstration at an air show a few years ago. I was there and it was amazing, it's only by God's grace that after he fought in Iraq and Afghanistan that he came home safely to us, we are so grateful for him and Praise God for his protection always. May God be the Glory and thank you son for your sacrifices that you have made for us. We love you son! Video

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