Our Savior

Our Savior
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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Updates on my family

Greetings and welcome once again for a quick update on my family.  My brother Marcell has left Tyler Texas and is now at Spohn Rehab Center in Corpus Christi, Texas near my family - Praise God.  He is over the infection which is another bit of good news, so now it's a lot of hard work in getting stronger again.  Our prayers are with him.

As for my neice Audrey, round three of chemo this week but reports from my sister are that she is taking it much better this time, which is amazing news.  I do hope all goes well this week and that tumor begins to shrink and she doesn't have to get any more treatments. 

The newest family member who is going through some rough times is my brother in law Steve.  He has sceloderma and leukemia, is at Virginia Mason in Seattle for chemo treatments.  That is a fantastic hospital and they are treating him really great.  He is not very strong right now so our prayers for him are also welcome.  The Drs. advised him he will more than likely be there for a month so - keep those prayers and positive thoughts coming - he can certainly use them and so can his wife Marsha.  She needs a lot of strength right now too, but God is good and nothing is impossible with him - Amen.

Until next time - may your days be filled with sunshine and hope and never take your health for granted - we certainly don't.  Blessings!

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