Our Savior

Our Savior
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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A prayer for our nation and my niece.........

Today I would just like to lift up our country to God.  We are now more than ever in need of his blessings in so many areas of our lives. With so much happening, the economy, joblessness, our national debt sky rocketing out of control, oh do we need his guidance and direction.  So today wherever you are take a few minutes to just reflect on His goodness as to what he has done in your life.  I also want to pray for my niece Audrey, who has been fighting this cancer in her body.  The latest results after a scan show the tumors in her liver as actually having grown.

Dear Heavenly Father, today we come as a people who have been not so great at giving you the Glory that you so deserve. We have elected leaders in our past that do not even believe in your existence.  This is shameful and for that we ask your forgiveness.  We ask that you once again bring that amazing blessing onto America and our people.  We bow down to you today on our knees and ask that you come back into our lives, our work place and our schools.  We know that you are our creator and that everything and all things comes from you.  So today and every day we want to give you the Glory, praise and blessings as we live the lives that you want us to live.  Be gracious unto us and our families and friends and heal those that are sick, lonely, abused, discouraged because they have no jobs and can't take care of their families.  We ask that you place your healing hands upon my niece Audrey, that those tumors are shrinking and will no longer be there the next time she goes in to the Doctors office.  We believe you are a miracle working God and we are releasing our faith like never before for a victory in her life.  For a victory in our lives as we live the life that your son Jesus died so we could have.  Blessed be your name - Amen. 

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