Our Savior

Our Savior
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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Letting our conscience be our guide......

Top of the morning to you all.  I was reading Charles Stanley's In Touch magazine and this particular subject caught my eye.  The reason it did is because we do rely on our conscience to be our guide, but what if we have "bad" data that we have stored in our conscience as a child and never replaced it with "good" data such as the word of God.  See, God has given every person the capacity to discern right from wrong.  Which is our conscience, it is programmed with a distinct belief set and functions differently from everyone else's. As children when we begin to process instructions and warnings, our conscience is developing a code of conduct by which we will live.

Whether our parents or other authority figures in our life offered sound life principles and fair consequences or provided little guidance of real value, our conscience collected the data - good or bad.  As children when growing to adulthood we pay close attention to the words and actions of others.  So both the positive and negative results are stored into our data bank of conscience.  The programming continues on throughout our life, so every situation we get to encounter has the capacity to affect our decisions and actions.

So when we begin our young life with a biblical perspective, it can absorb this data and adjust our values and perspectives.  That is awesome news, but when we begin with poor programming we can still make necessary adjustments by reading and following God's words of wisdom for our life, so that is a win win situation.  But when we expose ourselves repeatedly to falsehoods and vain philosophies, and ignore God's wisdom and truth, we will assimilate the deceptive viewpoints of this modern world and culture.

So today, I pray for those of you who may not have been raised in a Christian home or with God in your life.  My prayer is that God's amazing grace, mercy and love fill your hearts and that you may be drawn to his love as well.  He is there for you, He always has been, it's time to reprogram that conscience......Amen!

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