Our Savior

Our Savior
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Monday, December 3, 2012

God's Mercy is new every single day.........

I want to share this awesome story with you today.  It touched my heart deeply and hope that you will also see the resemblance between this little boy and all of us, and what Jesus truly did for us on the cross.

The story goes like this:  There was once a classroom of unruly kids in the Chicago slums area, the south side. Every teacher who had tried to teach this class had failed and was instantly booted out by these disobedient and rebellious kids.  These kids had a group leader who went by the name "Big Tom", because he was big, very tall and was bigger than the others.

One day this young teacher, who was in his late 20's decided he wanted to teach this class, he saw it as a challenge and he wanted to win.  The principal warned him of course, but he still wanted to do it, so the principal agreed and let him take the class.

The very first day of class, when the teacher arrived all the kids were talking and carrying on like he wasn't even there.  Finally Big Tom volunteered to his classmates, "this one is mine.  I will take him out before this class is over".  When Big Tom approached the teacher's desk, the teacher said "I'm new and I would like to ask your help in establishing some class rules, can you help me with that".  "Sure" said Big Tom.  So the teacher asked, "what will be our first rule"?  Big Tom replied, "no stealing", "good" said the teacher, then a shout came from the classroom, "no being late" someone said.  Great, and they went on and on until they had 10 classroom rules, their (10 commandments of the classroom) they called it.  After they were done the teacher asked the class, "now that we have the rules we need a punishment if they are broken".  So Big Tom yelled out "10 lashes with your belt that should be the punishment", and the class agreed.  The teacher reluctantly agreed, thinking that was a bit harsh even for him.

So when lunchtime rolled around Big Tom went to get his lunch and much to his surprise it was gone.  "Who stole my lunch", he said.  In a small voice way in the back of the classroom you could barely hear his voice, Little Bobbie said "I stole your lunch cause I was really hungry, I am sorry".  So Big Tom rushed to the back and brought Little Bobbie up to the front of the class, "ok teacher he needs to be punished".  As the teacher glared at this frail little boy, he thought to himself, "I will never be able to do this".  So the teacher asked Little Bobbie to take his coat off, and much to his surprise he only had suspenders and no shirt.  "Where is your shirt" asked the teacher.  Little Bobbie's reply was "See teacher we are very poor, I don't have a daddy and my mom tries really hard.  I only have one shirt and today is the day my mom washes it.  But I will have it tomorrow".  Just then you could feel the tension in the room and the eyes beginning to water in most of the children.  The teacher could hardly contain himself enough to administer this dreadful punishment to this precious little boy.  But rules are rules, so he told him to turn around.  Just then Big Tom got in front of Little Bobbie and told the teacher "No don't punish him, someone has to take those beatings, give them to me".  Little Bobbie was elated and grabbed Big Tom by the neck, hugged him hard and said "Thank you so much - I love you for doing this for me".  Everyone in the room began to sob, including the teacher.

That's exactly what Jesus did for us, we deserved punishment for all our sins, but he said "I'll take that punishment for you".  All we have to do it believe in him, ask for forgiveness and we will go free.  So he took our beating on the cross for all time.  His Mercy is new each and every day!

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