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Our Savior
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Saturday, January 19, 2013

A new year can ring in a renewed life!

Happy New Year!

With each passing new year I have found in my lifetime that when I look back at what exactly I accomplished I can either be happy or disappointed.  I choose to be happy, even though I didn't get to finish some projects that were on my list. I then say to myself; there is still tomorrow, and by not dwelling on the things I didn't accomplish, but have the attitude that this is a new year and I will get as much accomplished as possible, I know things can only get better - Amen.

Now, with each new year we also tend to examine our lives and what we are truly made up of. In my own life I know that I am grounded in Christ, he is my rock and my foundation.  He is my Savior and my reason to get up each and every day and face whatever challenges that come my way.  But, I realize there are so many others who do not have that hope of Glory in Christ.  They are the ones that I want to speak to right now.  I pray that some of the things I am about to say will strike a chord and awaken that inner most spirit to make a change if that is what is needed. 

I was listening to Adrian Rodgers preach the other day and he was talking about how God is the Potter and we are the clay, he really caught my attention because it is so true.  See making pottery is the oldest craft made to man.  The potter shapes and molds the clay on the potting wheel and creates a beautiful artwork when it is complete - he's created a masterpiece from a lump of clay.  Ever feel like a dirty lump of clay - boy I have.

Think of God as the master workman and he is constantly at work in you, if you have allowed him into your life that is.  See God gives all of us a free will, so some of us choose not to allow him to work in us or be a part of our life. Shameful as that sounds, just look at the people who are walking around lost trying to do things on their own and not getting very far.  God wants to make us a vessel that he can use for his purpose from the lump of clay that he begins with, we are unclean, unlovely and unable, until he places his hands around us and begins to shape us and mold us.  Remember we were made from the dust of the earth.

There are some people like I mentioned above that don't believe God can do this and they mold their own lives, we all know some of those "moldy" people don't we?  The wheel God uses represents circumstances in our life. It's the potter who turns the wheel and orders every turn of the wheel, sometimes it doesn't make sense to us only to God.  God thinks differently, his ways are not our ways.  Every turn of the wheel is turned by God or is allowed by God.  When a person resists God that's when the clay may break or crack, there is a problem and it's not with the potter, it's with the clay.  There maybe some hidden inpurity, something hidden that keeps the vessel from becoming what God wants it to be.

There might be something inpure in that individuals life, not broken enough, stiff and doesn't yield to the potter.  This is where self examination comes in - is there something that stands between you and God and he cannot mold and shape you into a vessel he can use?  Are you truly yielded - have you said to the Lord - use me, may your will be done not mine? God doesn't mess up.  When there is a problem like this do not dispair, there is hope.  Just because you fail doesn't mean God is through with you.  On the contrary, there is good news.  You can have a brand new start because our God is a God of second chances. Do this while your life is still pliable, it gives him all the pieces he needs to work with.

Unfortunately, when a life rebels and they are not going to yield to God then that clay gets hardened and can break, he cannot be made whole again.  Do not harden your hearts - but turn to him and listen to his words. Remember God will give you the desires of your heart.  In bible days people who were vain and foolish and lived in darkness, sexual immorality and perversion were their lifestyles because that is what they wanted.  God gave them over to do those things which were not his way. Their hearts were hardened and God could not use them or remold them.

God is saying I want to make something beautiful of your life.  He can take you even if you feel like a dirty lump of clay and shape you into a beautiful life of service to him.  The wisest thing you can do is receive Jesus as your Lord and Savior today.  He will give you a fresh start, but be careful to not harden your heart until the clay sets and the vessel is deformed because then it is fit to be destroyed and never repaired. 

My prayer today is:

Dear God in Heaven, today I pray for all my family, everyone who reads my blog and the whole nation.  Those who are hurting and those who do not know you as their Lord and Savior.  May your grace be poured over them and may they find you.  May they experience your peace, which surpasses this worlds understanding.  Bring joy into their hearts and enable them with the power of your salvation through Christ Jesus.  

Become real to each of them and my loved ones, and may they humble themselves before you and repent of their sins. May they receive that forgiveness and they leave at the cross all the guilt, sin and attitudes and fears and may they be washed clean as snow.  If they are needing a fresh new start in 2013, may it come to pass this year and they allow you the Potter to shape them into the person you are calling them to be.  I know this will come to pass because it is your will.  In Jesus name I pray - Amen!

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