Our Savior

Our Savior
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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Jesus and the Cross - what Easter means to me!

When I woke up on Easter Sunday, the thought of how special that day was came into my thoughts instantly. Then the scene played in my mind of Jesus being crucified. There was sadness but then there was joy because of when He rose from the dead - Praise God.

Yes, we are to rejoice at the fact God loves us that much.  He didn't want us to perish, but to have everlasting life the moment we gave our hearts to Jesus, who took all our sins and punishment to the cross.  I still today cannot comprehend what God must have been going through watching those Roman soldiers hurting and beating His precious son.  Or Mary for that matter, Jesus was her son too. Then when the nails were pounded, the agony that Jesus must have felt.  There are no words to describe the pain our Heavenly Father and Mary must have endured, as well as our Risen Savior, and He did it for me and for YOU!

I was listening to an evangelical Pastor on television the other night, his name is James Merrit.  He said it this way:  "Here's what happened on Good Friday.  God took the biggest debt ever incurred.  He stated, you think America has a debt problem, or Greece or Europe for that matter?  Well let me tell you, the biggest deficit in the history of the world is the "sin deficit".  The sins of every person who has ever lived, every bad word that has ever been spoken, every bad deed was placed on Jesus Christ that day on the cross. Jesus paid the debt. No one will ever owe a greater debt then we owe to God.  No one will ever forgive a greater debt than when God forgave us."  He goes on to say this, "If you are a Christian, a true follower of Jesus Christ you should be a "forgiving person", because you are a "forgiven person" through Christ."

That sure helps to build and strengthen my faith in Christ.  I know that I know that He loves me! That I have been forgiven for what I have done and I am so grateful. The other thing I can be sure of is that He will never bring up those things to me, ever again - truly awesome.  A peace comes over my inner spirit knowing I am loved and forgiven.  Because of what Jesus did am I able to forgive others a whole lot easier.

Easter is a reminder of how much God loves us and that we can experience peace through forgiveness - as long as we receive that free gift, but we must forgive ourselves as well. It's hard sometimes but remember "It is Finished", and when Jesus says it's finished it truly is. 

Well, Easter here on Whidbey Island was the best.  Sunny and warm, we spent time with family and had a nice BBQ. The grand kids and adults had a blast in the backyard throwing the frisbie and football.  It was the best day ever - except for not being able to see some of my family who live in Virginia and Seattle area.  But they were in our hearts and thoughts.

Here is the next "free pattern", it's knitted dishcloths.  They are great for the kitchen or you can use them as wash cloths.  Either way you will whip one up in no time, because they are easy and fun to do.


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