Our Savior

Our Savior
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Friday, May 23, 2014

Praise be to God for his faithfulness - Larry is home!

It's been a tough go the last few weeks, but Glory be to God Larry's surgery went well.  He had the valve replacement heart surgery on Tuesday May 13th.  It was funny because it took about 2 hours prep time and he finally went in at 9:00 and was out of surgery about 12:13.  I saw him a couple hours after that.  He asked me when the surgery was going to take place.....I was so glad he didn't remember anything.  He had tubes everywhere and was very groggy and tired.  I only stayed for a bit and just let him rest. 

I was fortunate to have my daughter who lives in Capital Hill in Seattle so I drove over to her place and stayed the night, as I did for the remainder of Larry's stay in the hospital.  I have to say Virginia Mason may be an older hospital but the nursing staff at CCU and his surgeon and everyone else who came into contact with Larry was amazing.  I believe God's hands were all over this one.  He sent the right doctors to do the surgery and take care of him while in the hospital.  God is so good.  It was such a blessing too to be able to spend time with my daughter Michelle, we had some good mom and daughter time.

So fast forward to today, Larry got out of the hospital on Saturday the 17th, he was progressing rapidly and doing his walking and breathing into a tube to open up his lungs.  I guess during this type of open heart surgery they pretty much put everything to sleep and had actually stopped his heart for the duration of the surgery, scary but necessary.  Anyway, he began to feel good within days and no hard pain, just his back because I guess they open up your chest and pull your shoulders back to be able to access your heart, that sounds painful to me. 

We stayed at a local apartment complex very close to the hospital so we could be there for his follow up appointment which would be in a few days.  We live on Whidbey Island so the drive would not have been good for Larry in his condition.  So on Tuesday we were at the hospital once again for his follow up appointment.  We met with the surgical nurse and she was awesome.  Larry of course first had blood drawn and xrays and an ekg to make sure everything was functioning properly and all his stats were good.  She was amazing and gave us some great tips on keeping the incision clean and such.  She gave him a clean bill of health to go home.  So home we went. 

The 2-1/2 hour drive was good and we didn't have much traffic that time of day.  Larry was so glad to be going home.  Today is Friday and we have been home for 4 days now, he is improving every day, getting stronger and resting a lot.  He is doing his walking and breathing and his blood sugar numbers are really good too.  His appetite has improved a bit, because when he got out of the hospital he wasn't hungry at all, the Doctor said it was to be expected. 

So my praise is to you dear God for your faithfulness and grace in all this that has transpired in our lives.  You have brought us closer to you and to each other.  I love Larry with all my heart and I love caring for him, sometimes it can be a challenge, but I know God will give me the grace for whatever comes our way.  Larry is also so very grateful for this second change in life to live out his days with a much healthier heart.  I know he will take better care of himself from here on in.  Besides I will be here to make sure of that.

Thank you Jesus for everything and all of your for your prayers and love!!!

God be with you all.

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