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Our Savior
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Saturday, December 27, 2014

The after Christmas blues....why does this happen?

Merry Christmas everyone!!! It's only a few days after the big day and some of you out there may be feeling the after Christmas blues.  I know, because I certainly have in past years.  I remember one year, and this was a long time ago, because I had not really heard from some of my family members, I hurt so bad I just wanted to run to a corner and cry.  Those were the days when Satan had a hold of me.  Yes he did and by God's grace he is never going to do that again.  See I used to listen to what thoughts Satan placed in my mind about how my family was jealous of me and that they didn't really care about me.  These were lies from the enemy, but after reading scripture and truly walking with the Holy Spirit,  I have learned that was not the case at all.  Yes, there may also be jealousy or bitterness on their part for something I said or did in my past, but I refuse to go backwards.  I want to live for the future and what God has in store for me.  Picking at old wounds only makes them bleed over and over again, and that is no way to live at all. Besides, we have been forgiven by Almighty God, if our own friends or family cannot forgive us, well then that certainly is not our problem.

People show love in other ways and not everyone is the same. I now pray for them and hope that the spirit of God will be in their hearts, and that they will experience the peace of God.  That is so important to me, having that peace means everything, because even when things are not good in a relationship, the spirit of God will comfort and keep you strong and the enemy will not get his way.  I will keep encouraging those I love, keep on loving them unconditionally and hope and pray that their lives will reflect the peace of God always.

Being truthful with yourself is so a very important, looking inside and figuring out what your motives are is what God wants us to do on a daily basis. To walk in love by showing God's love to others should be our main goal, not what we are going to get that day. It's taken me a long time to finally get that,  I realize that I will never please everyone, my only goal is to please God.  Then we have to remember that God's mercy and love is new each and every day.....which is what keeps me strong in my faith.

So, there are other things that bring on the Christmas blues, one is the cleaning up after all the festivities.  I had my family over for Christmas eve dinner and exchanging our gifts, it was so much fun.  But the mess afterwards at least in the kitchen, well was not fun at all.  My grand kids, bless their little hearts cleaned up the living room and put away all the wrappings, that was so nice and thoughtful of them.  I have been blessed with a wonderful family and I see God in each and every one of their hearts!

Then there are the blues you may feel when you did not receive what you truly wanted for Christmas.  Well I do not have any experience in this area, because since I received Jesus as my Lord and Savior,  I received that awesome gift of salvation, which is exactly what I needed, and that makes me not want anything else.   What an awesome gift it truly is, and it comes from loving and believing in Jesus Christ.  Each year it just keeps getting better and better and my love for him keeps growing.

I hope you are filled with joy because of what Jesus did for us, and not so much because of the gifts.  May your hearts be filled with the love of God for others and may 2015 be the best year ever in your finances, your relationships and in everything that God brings forth in your life.  God's grace be with you all, and a great big Happy Birthday Jesus!!!!!!


  1. I really enjoyed reading this and it sounds like you have conquered some of the same demonsi have been dealing with as well. I also enjoy giving at Christmas more than recieving whereas before i would be selfish and worry about myself. As far as our family goes, i cannot speak for them and i dont know if they were jealous but resentful might be more accurate. As far as myself, yes i have to admit i was jealous of you, not for reasons you may think but because i so wanted to be like you in every way. You may not have been saved back in the day but you were still my mentor and i idolized you. I could still see the goodness in you as you were always so good to me. Well sis i love you and thanks for your unconditional love that you always give me and have a great New Year....love ya lots.

  2. Hi sis, thanks for reading my post.....I hope I was a positive influence on you growing up. There were many years between us so I missed out on a lot of time together. Your comment about wanting to be like me is very humbling because I know that I still am a work in progress. Thank you for always being there emotionally, you are such a blessing in my life. I am so blessed to have you and all my other beautifu sisters and two brothers.....God is good. Happy new year to you and Ian. Love ya too!


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