Our Savior

Our Savior
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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Hope for the New Year!

Someone once said we all create masterpieces, if our thoughts are our paints, our words, our brushes and our attitude is our canvas, we can create our own masterpieces.  Wow, I never thought of it that way, how about you? So, what are you creating? Is it a beautiful painting full of colors with so much beauty for the eyes to see, or is it a dark painting, gloomy and not very attractive to feast your eyes on. It's never too late to change our attitude and our way of thinking, or how we paint our painting. 

We all have a chance in life to influence others.  To encourage and make a positive difference in the world if we choose to.  Or, we can also do the opposite and bring bitterness and hate, especially to those around us who love us the most. It's all up to us!

Having said that, as we reflect on how individuals handled the Presidential election, I believe this will go down in history as one of the most negative, hateful campaigns on both sides of the isle.  People from all walks of life painted a very grim picture of how they perceived things would be if Mr. Trump won the election, then again the other side did that as well.  I believe Mr. Trump ultimately had the victory because he listened to the American people who were so fed up with business as usual in government. The people have spoken and his ideals and campaign promises will be put to the test after January 20th.  America prayed, America voted and the results are Trump is our new President Elect.  I truly hope those who voted against him will give him a chance before they criticize or demean him.  I believe in my spirit God’s hand is in this.  God, heard us loud and clear.  America has been going in a direction which would have been irreversible had Clinton won the Presidency.  I believe a Trump Presidency is going to expose all the corrupt business in our government once and for all, and he will do something about it.  Remember, God is a God of second chances and if we humble ourselves and pray for our Country and our leaders, He is faithful and will Bless America once again as he intended all along. But we have to be obedient to His word and bring Him back into our daily lives again. 

I am very excited for our country right now.  I pray for those who are angry and so disappointed in the outcome, but I have to say I can relate.  The last two elections, I felt the same way.  I eventually got over it because I knew God was ultimately in control and in His timing the right person to lead our country would eventually emerge.  After reading His word I am convinced if God’s hand is in something no devil in hell can stop it.  Praise God!  I hope you enjoyed a blessed Christmas everyone and now enjoy a Happy and Healthy New Year - let's all make it a great year shall we! Blessings!


  1. Hello sister, I find what you say about attitudes so very true. At times we let our emotions get the better of us and give off a bad impression to the world, especially to those closest to us. Lord knows I've been just as guilty of that as well. Thats one of the things I most want to change about myself this year going forward. I, however tend to be hardest on myself and I continue to pray that God helps me not to have bad attitudes and hopefully before I leave this world I'll have a beautiful masterpiece to leave behind.
    As for the election, I completely agree with you and it couldn't have gone any better. There were lots of iffy moments but Trump prevailed as I knew he would. All those delicate snowflakes out there are just going to get over it,and wish him well because a wish against him is a bad wish upon our country.
    Keep up the good job, love ya sis.

  2. Hi sis, thanks for reading and commenting here. So looking forward to a brand new year and the hopes of being able to see you in the near future. Be blessed sis!


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