Our Savior

Our Savior
The beauty of nature is medicine to the soul

Friday, April 9, 2010

Designs by Mary

I am very excited to announce my new cross stitch patterns that I have created from my art and photography. These are very easy to stitch patterns in full color of some of my art and photography.  I can even create patterns from your photos.  So check it out and if you or someone you know loves to cross stitch - then send the link to them.

I have managed to cross stitch a few more patterns which are now featured for sale and you can download instantly after paying via pay pal.  No more waiting for the mail, so you can begin stitching right away. The patterns are in full color with the DMC chart of symbols and colors.  No quarter, half or back stitching unless of course you want to. My newest Angelic Harp will be featured shortly for the Holidays.  Enjoy!

This is the "Luscious Tulips" finished cross stitch........I know you will love to stitch some of these patterns. So get busy and visit the website.

 Have a great day and remember to have fun!!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Story of thanks

There was once a man who used to go down to the dock in Florida and like clockwork every Friday he would walk up with a bucket of shrimp and he would slowly toss the shrimp into the water.  The seagulls would flutter all around and eat the shrimp, and for some reason one would always land on his cap. He wore an old cap and if you could get close enough to hear him he would say as he threw the shrimp into the water "Thank you God - Thank you God", he would keep saying. 

If you didn't know who this man was you'd probably think he was weird for doing this. But those who knew him were aware that during WWII he was a pilot and his name was Ed.  When he was on a mission and his plane crashed into the ocean the crew of seven men were able to swim up to a raft for safety.  They were there for days on end. They had water but they didn't have food.  Now after the 7th day they all knew they probably didn't have much more time to live.  So Ed lead all the men into prayer asking for a miracle and food.  A while later the men all tried to sleep and suddenly a seagull landed on Ed's hat.  Ed slowly grasped the seagull and they cleaned it and ate it.  They used the intestines to catch small fish for bait, then they would use that bait to catch more fish.

This helped them survive for a few days until they were rescued from a plan that was flying overhead.  So Ed because of his gratitude and was so thankful to the Lord, goes out every Friday and tosses shrimp into the ocean to say "Thank you God for saving me".

This is a great story and makes me ask - how many times has God saved you?  Today is the day we need to think about this and make sure we are thanking him for the trials he gets us out of or trouble we get into.  He is so faithful.  Turn to him and see him go to work for you.

God Bless.