Our Savior

Our Savior
The beauty of nature is medicine to the soul

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Send someone a note to say hello with a cool stamp

Hello everyone! I wanted to share something with all of you.  Next time you send a letter in the mail - that is if you still do that sort of thing....:)  Seems like everyone only emails or texts anymore.  Anyway, why not send a photo stamp instead of the boring old stamps everyone else has.  Take that favorite photo and make a stamp - it's very inexpensive and so much fun.  You can either do that on my Zazzle shop or just click on the cute baby stamp logo below and have some fun.  On my zazzle shop you can create all sorts of personalized items such as, a special "mouse" pad for that special person who is on the computer all day.  Or, you can create a cute personalized mug, t-shirt, poster, even an I-Pod cover, the possibilities are endless.  You can even create personalized tennis shoes - yes you heard me correct - amazing.  So have some fun creating unique and special gifts today.

My favorite verse today is Psalm 33:6 which says:

"The Lord merely spoke and the heavens were created.  He breathed the word and all the stars were born".

He is all around us, all we have to do is take the time to look and enjoy his creations! I do hope that your day is filled with the Lord's presence and he is with you in all that you do - Blessings to you!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Spring is in the air here on Whidbey Island

Ok so it is still pretty chilly here in Oak Harbor now, but the sun is shining and believe me that is a very welcome site! We have had so much rain in the past few weeks and not to mention the snow.  We had about 9" here a few weeks ago.  So all of that is behind us now and we can look forward to spring - yahoo!  Which brings me to my newest hub on hubpages "Springtime is tulips time".  If any of you have ever visited the Skagit Valley Tulip fields - you know what I am talking about.  They are simply amazing.  Each year the tulip festival has more and more activities for children and adults alike.  So in this hub I captured a few of my favorite photos of those very beautiful tulips that I wanted to share with you - possibly to entice you to go there yourself.  So happy Spring everyone and enjoy yourself at whatever the Lord is leading you to do.  But remember take time to stop and see those tulips along the way - you will be so glad that you did, and don't forget the camera. Blessings to you!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

During trials remember we have Jesus!

I read a very good hub this morning that I felt I should share with anyone who is going through some tough times.  Let's face it this world is not in very good shape right now.  This hub explains in great detail how the enemy - Satan can have strongholds on us when we believe the "bad" things and not focus on the word of God.  So my prayers are that it will give you hope and inspire you to keep on reading God's amazing word and believing it in your every day life.  Blessings to you! Here is the link to the hub.