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Our Savior
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Monday, January 19, 2015

Will the Seahawks do it again in Superbowl 49?

Having lived in the Pacific Northwest, Whidbey Island to be exact, for the last 28 years, I can honestly say that I have not been a Seahawk fan for a very long time.  My favorite football team of all time, will always be the Dallas Cowboys, since I grew up in south Texas.  But, last year when the Seahawks won the title I began to take a second look at this very driven and young team.  They were so pumped up and were not taking any prisoners. Their games were so impressive they were able to energize my spirit for the game again. So, after the Dallas Cowboys were defeated by the Green Bay Packers last week, my attention quickly turned to the Seahawks. 

I faithfully watched the Sunday game between the Packers and the Seahawks and at first with sorrow and much disappointment, up until the third quarter.  I prayed for favor for each of those young men, especially Russell Wilson, who was not having a very good game day.  As I watched in anticipation, I began to feel a sense of relief, that things were going to turn around.  They did, Wow! Was the only thing I could think to say as well as “Thank you Jesus”.  I texted my daughter who had also pretty much given up on this game as well, she was beside herself.  The Seahawks began to play with confidence, grace and determination. The onside kick that converted to the kicker throwing for a touchdown was unbelievable.  Then they were down by 12 points with only minutes to go in the game, Russell Wilson walks a touchdown in the end zone.  Amazing.  Then they went on to win the game in overtime 28 to 22.  Incredible, seemed impossible at first, but that is when I knew God’s hands were in this game.

What I took away from this game was not just excitement for the team because they are now going to the Superbowl, but my faith was strengthened by the fact that after the game was over and they had won, the team, lead by Wilson who by the way was weeping profusely,  they all began to pray.  When he was being interviewed by a reporter, and in tears he said, “God is good all the time”. Those words, not only Glorified our Heavenly Father, but they boosted my faith in Him.  It was only by His grace that they won the game.  Yes, they are all excellent athletes, the best of the best.  But without God we are nothing and Wilson and some of those Seahawks know this all too well.  We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us!

I have a whole new appreciation for those Seahawks, and if they place their trust in God, who knows just how far they will go in years to come. 

You ask me if I think they will win the Superbowl?  My answer is: “they are already winners in my book”.
Go Seahawks!

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