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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Introducing Samaritan Ministries - a health plan option to think about!

Greetings everyone, I do hope things are going well for you!  I am feeling much better thanks to God and to Samaritan Ministries.  In my last post, I explained what had happened to me suddenly regarding my blood pressure.  I have been treated a few times now by my Doctor and she has adjusted my medications to where they are working great. I am taking more walks these days and know that complete healing is right around the corner!

Now,  I want to explain that I had just joined Samaritan Ministries in January and then my health issues began the following month, in February.   I had great health coverage through Group Health for years and when Obamacare rolled out, my premium to Group Health went from $200 to $700.  I simply could not afford that.  Besides, I wasn’t working either.  

So, in this post I wanted to explain to you just what Samaritan Ministries means to me and what it actually is.  For sure it is not a “health insurance” company.  It’s a group of members who share each others needs, they explain a need as a medical expense when you have to go and see the doctor for something that is unexpected.  For instance a yearly physical would not be a need, but just an expense I would have to pay. So when I had the emergency room visit I called Samaritan Ministries and explained what had happened to me.  They published that need and forwarded on to me the paperwork that I needed to submit with all the bills.

All during the time I was receiving all the bills for my treatments a have to admit I had a little doubt that this new health plan may not work.  I quickly would erase those thoughts and remember what God says, which is to believe and trust in Him, so I did just that.  After all the bills had finally arrived I filled out the forms, wrote a letter explaining my situation.  It does require a little more work on our part, but it is so worth it.  I even had to go to my church leader and he had to also verify a few things about my membership there at our church.  Once I had all the necessary documents I prayed, then sent it off to them.  Again, believing God, it would be taken care of.  I had also called the hospital and some of the other places to see if I could get a discount.  I did get a slight discount for paying the hospital emergency room off within 30 days,  I just used my credit card. Also on the blood work I had done at LabCorp, they discounted the lab tests by 50%, I was shocked when I heard that but was very grateful for it.  Another thing thing about Samaritan Ministries, they have advocates that will also call on your doctor or hospital to try and get the amounts reduced for you, with your permission of course.

I will try and explain just how the sharing and needs work at Samaritan Ministries.  Their organization has over 45,000 members and each pay a share.  For instance, in my case, since it’s only me because my husband still has insurance and Medicare, my share is $180 each month.  I believe a couple would be $360 a month. God’s word encourages us to help each other out,  it’s a biblical principal.  Every month when individuals send in a need to Samaritan Ministries they publish it in a newsletter so that others can pray for them.  Then they will send out statements to each of us letting us know where to send our monthly share.  When all the checks finally came in that particular month for my need, I was excited and just thanked God for this ministry, it worked!  I also received many cards and prayers with those checks which blessed me each and every day I opened the mailbox.   

The other thing I need to mention is that the first $300 is your portion for each need that you have, for instance, my total bill was $3680 but I received only $3380 from others shares.  There are a few other medical procedures that they do not allow as needs such as physicals or abortions so you need to check the website for more information, if you are interested.

You also receive a list of the individuals who are going to send you money so you can add the date, amount and check number of the money received and send off to Samaritan.  You can do this by mail or on the website.  It’s a great check and balances for them. 

I give glory to God in all this and thank each and every individual who sent me a note of encouragement.  It sure meant a lot to me. Everyone I talked to at Samaritan Ministries was always so helpful and concerned for my well being, they were such a blessing to me. This ministry may not be for everyone, but for me, it’s exactly what I needed at the time.  If it is something you might be interested in here is the website: www.samaritanministries.org

I don’t know what the future brings, only God knows that.  But what I do know is that there are other options out there besides Obamacare for a lot less money.  Until next time, never take your health for granated.  Eat good healthy foods, get good sleep take a walk every now and then and keep God first in your life.  If you do your part - God will do His!

Love ya!

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