Our Savior

Our Savior
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Monday, August 6, 2012

God is amazing - don't you agree?

Hello friends, just wanted to stop by and give you an update on my family.  My brother Marcel is home now - Yahoo - Praise God.  He is recovering slowly and unfortunately had a fall a few days ago, but no serious damage thank goodness.  I just spoke to him this weekend and he sounded great.  He is so grateful to our Heavenly Father for being alive and healing from this unfortunate accident.  I know God has plan for his life - even a greater one than before and he knows that too.  Thank you Jesus.

As for my niece Audrey, she is doing good, waiting to get another scan in a few weeks to see what is going in with the tumor and with God's amazing healing power we are praying it has shrunk to nothing.  Praying for a miracle here and for good news all the way around.  Keep her in your prayers please.

Then an update on my brother in law Steve, he is still at Virginia Mason having chemo, but developed an abcess in the back of his throat.  So they are giving him antibiotics and they may have to do a needle procedure for that into his throat, hopefully not.  Pray for complete healing and that the chemo has worked to rid his body of the leukemia.

Thank you in advance for all your prayers, I know you are out there because God's amazing grace is in this blog through my words he is reaching out to others.  I can sense his spirit going into each of your homes to pray - more than ever.

May God's face shine upon you and may his blessings overwhelm you each and every day.  Until next time.  

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