Our Savior

Our Savior
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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Some food for thought!

I found this to be very interesting in the fact that there are so many individuals who do not believe in God or Jesus or any existence of a higher power.  I thought about this and was instantly reminded that it is so important how we live our lives here on earth, because one day we will stand in front of our Heavenly Father and give account. 

Let's say you give your heart to Jesus and live a Christian life, then at the end you just die.  Which is the argument you hear from Athiest and non-believers alike.  Well the worst thing that could happen is that you lived a life blessing others, did what was right by following God's law and biblical teachings. You would have impacted more people than if you would have lived a selfish prideful life.  But what if they were wrong?  Then their spirit lives on to meet our Heavenly Father face to face, in the presence of the Creator of the universe?  What then? That is the real question and I hope and pray that there is still time for those who have not yet trusted our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, that they will soon.  For God's amazing grace to come over them, that their hearts will be softened and eyes and ears open to the truth of the gospel.  Let's all keep praying!

Food for thought!!! Blessings to you.

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