Our Savior

Our Savior
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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Spending time with family is heart warming........

I spent the last three weekends with family and I want to say that it was the best time ever.  The weekend of August 25th I spent it with my oldest son and his family in Arlington.  I had a wonderful time and really enjoyed all the grandkids and just being there.  I laughed and just loved on them so much.  I am very blessed to say that my oldest son Ken who has 4 awesome children is getting ready to retire from the Navy this year.  He is a pilot and has served our country in the most trying of times after 9/11 and Afghanistan.  We are so proud of him and I continue to thank God for all the protection he has given to my son during those times.  So my time with them was so precious and now my oldest grandson Kenny is getting ready to join the Marines.  I am in awe at how grown and how he is such a wonderful person inside.  He is a hard worker and I just know in my heart that he will be the best Marine ever!!.  Of course the other grandkids in my son's family are also wonderful, and I love them all dearly.  Thank you Jesus for my family and for this awesome job of being a grandma....it's the best.

The following weekend I went and spent time with my daughter Michelle in Seattle.  What a blessing that was.  Her and I spent a lot of time talking and sharing stories of politics and the like.  She took me to church on Sunday to a beautiful old church right in the center of Seattle then we had brunch at a local cafe.  I cooked my fabulous ribs for her that evening and she loved them.  We spent a lot of time just talking about things and her work.  She is a Designer at Amazon and loves it.  She is very thankful to have such a wonderful job while so many are out of work.  That is another blessing from Almighty God which I am so grateful for.  All my children have great jobs and are so blessed beyond measure.

The last weekend which was the weekend of Sept. 8th was the funeral for my brother in law Steve.  It was held at Harborview Park in Everett overlooking the water.  What a gorgeous day it was.  All the boating activity in the background and then sitting there at the funeral services with his picture on the table while the Pastor read scripture was truly a special time.  Steve's friends from Boeing went up and talked about all the pranks Steve was always pulling on his fellow workers.  It was funny and of course sad.  When the Air Force gentleman played taps on the bugle is when I lost it.  It felt like a knife just entered my heart and all those feelings of anger, and hurt come in play because I would never see my dear friend Steve every again.  I am sure it was double that for Marsha my sister in law and my husband Larry.  But all in all it was a time to reflect and remember how beautiful of a person he truly was.  Afterwards we went to Marsha's and had a potluck dinner where we spent time with their friends. 

So this completes my last three weeks, in between I am always creating, writing and just loving Larry.  Blessings to you!

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